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 International Money transfer from USA to India. 

Send Money from USA to India is one of the basic requirements of Indian working in US to send money to their loved ones or home. Even for business purpose many companies are looking for best option to send money from US to India to their business associates or freelancer.

The best option to send money to India these days are Overseas Money transfer companies that help save on additional money transfer fees. Today maximum people are using services of international money transfer companies to send money to India from US that helped not only to save on money transfer fees but also get all transparency details before making their international transactions.

When it comes to International money transfer many things needs to be taken in considerations. One can send easily send money overseas from bank, but banks include high transfer fees and hidden fees. Now many people are preferring overseas money transfer companies over banks to send money from USA to India .

Overseas money transfer companies help send money abroad at very low fx rates and provides detail transparency of the transaction. However before proceeding with the transaction you should do some research about the transaction and compare with money transfer services. Things to know for before sending money internationally

FX Rates : Money transfer provide best FX rates.

Transfer Fees : there are certain very small amount of transfer fees on the amount you will send. Sometimes Money transfer companies provide no transfer fees for some countries.

Time : You can always check within how many days recipient will get the amount before making the transaction.

Exact Amount : It  also allows you to view the exact amount the recipient will receive after any deduction.

One can always check complete details of the transaction before sending like transfer fees, any additional charges, number of days will take, amount

If you want to send money to your loves ones in India here are some of the companies.

How to Send Money From USA to India?

 Here are few steps to help you easily send money from USA to India

  1. Register at your selected money transfer company
  2. Submit your personal details and provide your identity documents.
  3. Wait for your documents to get verified and account gets approved
  4. Add recipient bank details
  5. Enter transfer amount
  6. Proceed for the transfer and make sure to enter any coupon code if available to save on transfer fees
  7. Check the status of your transfer or call customer care team to know exact status of transfer
  8. Once the payment reflects as transfer completed check with your recipient and the amount they received.

For your next transfer it will be very easy and simple to send money from USA to India as your account has been already created with the money transfer company. You can simply login and the money and proceed the transfer.


Money Transfer Companies to Send Money From USA to India