Wise Money Transfer Reviews

Wise formerly known as Transferwise is the most preferred international money transfer company by maximum people for their overseas money transfer requirements. Wise enables to send money from all major primary countries to 80 countries. It is the most trusted money transfer company that allows to send to maximum 80+ countries.  

Wise offers best transfer rates and so have been known for cheapest money transferring company.

Wise allows their customers to send money from various mediums including bank transfer, credit card but it is only transferred to the recipient having bank account.


The professional team at Wise is one of the best part that helps customers get their account instantly validate for further process of transfer.  The transparent fees and no hidden charges make Wise be among top money transferring company. 

Here are some Pros and Cons of Wise that will help you understand if it is right for your money transfer requirements.



Quick Transfer Process you can send money instantly compared to other money transfer companies.

Low Fees : Wise is considered among Low fee provider when you send money abroad




Available during only weekdays for telephone support.

Every company has their own prs and cons but it still made

Wise one of the best money transferring service provider.


Wise Money Transfer Cost

Service fee through bank transfer is applied on basis of certain percentage on the amount you send. You can check the transfer fee on calculator at their their website

There are charges if you pay by Debit card that is 1.25% or Credit card 3.8% . Business Card Payment fees are upto 1.1% on Debit cards and 4.33% on Credit Cards.

Why Send from Wise?


You can create single or mili currency account from different 50+ countries. Advance Money transferring solution to have multiple account and send in your own bank to other country

The largest transaction of amount over $  8 billion has been sent on monthly basis through Wise

Can send money to maximum 80+ countries worldwide

Personal Customers are provided with debit card to spend and withdraw in major 200 countries.


Today Wise is not only providing international money transfer services but also it will manage if you have money in bank account of more than one country. They have consistently been the best over period of time to give their customers a hassle free and friendly money transferring experience.